Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Ummi

This woman is incredibly great, bold, fantastic, awesome and what not. The salacious sexy Angelina Jolie with her adopted children isn’t she. She isn’t a song bird singer let alone a politician ruling the rules and numerous dirty scandals. She’s beyond them, just beyond .In her own magnificent way. Close to the heart and always be the closest. The guardian angel would be caring, protective, and a guider and yes she just fulfills it. Her love is too real and pure. Behold her since the day born created a special bond from a mother to a child. Yes, this great branded woman is a mother. A mother of ten children. Her sacrifices undeniable. A child whom she carries for nine month before she gave the birth. Dejavu occurred for ten times likely.  Kindness and love shows all the time reflected to the sacrifices she just did in raising nine. Adoring her children heartily and used to carry and cuddle them instead of having her leisure time. Children are the epitome of her affection and devotion, last till eternity. Her love is peerless. As large as meadow the love is. Her pains subside observing the children going through their path of life. Yet the history of this woman‘s life merely devoted by gust of the sluggish vigor at her age. Life is just let it all those memories submerged down away out of minds and sometimes we are recalled to them. Time passed and I grew up. The hugs and kisses were still there. It is physically changed and the inside of herself still remain all the wise never changed. Today I would keen and love to say thank you to Sharifah Mariam Syed Junid even is merely an expression I might say, but believe me it goes a long way. I am dying to show my gratitude as you lift up the passion to live, mend broken hearts, create hilarious bond, and often burn the enthusiasm and make me feel cherished. And this 5th March, I would like to wish Happy 56th Birthday Ummi. May Allah blissfully bless you.


  1. such a beautiful wish from the generous feeling of son.. =) hapi belated bufday auntie!!! =)

  2. your english was soo good. luv reading this entry. (: