Monday, February 14, 2011

Peace Be Upon Him

Muhammad The Prophet

Muhammad The Messenger

Muhammad The Miracles

Muhammad We love 

This 12th Rabi' al-Awwal devote our time cherish ,appreciate, feel grateful, recalls , glorify our Prophet's Born praise Him Solawat and Salam to Our Beloved Prophet

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Summary of PBL Session 1

Alhamdulillah to a great extent of success due to on how good information and knowledge conveyed by Encik Mohamad Azmi Nias Ahmad in how we dealing with the circumstance given from the conversations of individuals. The obvious benefit of PBL Session 1 is that when knowledge can be applied and a number of worthwhile possibilities of knowledge gathered simultaneously from the members of the group. From the very early of the session it has come to the end even a challenge faced from time to time dealing constructively with group partners, Muhammad Najib and Muhammad Firdaus who appear on creating good and great cooperation in completing the task.
The vital information gained knowing that the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a must, necessary, and vital in developing information system and how the individual from various level of organization being involved and affected in which steering committee play their roles to run the smoothness of organization. People are more caught up in the fast lane life as the information disseminated instantly this resulting information explosions and the feedback will be vary from one to another potential information receiver and information analysis is keen needed  in gaining understand of how the existing system functions and to provide information needs to the users. 

Sunday, February 6, 2011


  1. What would you do as a system analyst if a vice-president of your company came to you and insisted that a system be computerized, but, at the conclusion of the preliminary investigation phase, you knew that the system could not be cost justified?
           (8 marks)
As a system analyst I would submit a preliminary investigation report as below. 
A typical preliminary investigation report should include what we found concerning the operation of the systems in question, the problems that are present or appear to be present in the system and the recommendations for future action. We might need to do presentation of our findings to inform and influence the audience so that they are aware of the current existing system, direct their attention to the problems that have been occurring within the system and why they have been occurring and lastly present the solution we recommended should we proceed to the next phase.After I have gathered the needed information, I would submit the report considering the  result in some sort recommended course of actions suggesting.
i)      Drop the matter
The matter that affects the whole company in running the operations that need serious approach should be dropped in order to secure the company for the future prospects.

ii)     Fix the problem immediately(if it is simple)
There is denying over the years that simple systems should be implemented immediately and sometimes it is inappropriate to be implemented and if it affects the whole organization matters in handling the situation and the approach to simplify the decision by fix the problem immediately.

iii)     Authorize you to go on to the next phase for a closer look
More and more systems being implemented in order to govern and organize the organization and if there is any complicated things affect the performance of the organization and approach should be taken by looking forward the problems by viewing the problems of the system to the next phase that required for a closer look whether it is relevant to be continued.