Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Living in this set jet fast world and people with incredible skills require peoples to be differ and it's vital for whom that work in the industry that require them convey and elaborate some brilliant idea in front of the audiences.
More and more approaches possibly taken in the techniques to attract people and lure and drag in them to be one of the individual that seek and keen to find the space and time to have the eyes on you, listen to the words, lines, quote whatever being spoke out of the mouth.
Hence, keeping up with the techniques to make the presentation more eyecatching and presentable are vital. Meticulous efforts in designing the best method should be considered.

The possibly approaches should be considered are: 

You must look better than everyone else in the room: If you remember nothing else from this post, then remember this – great presenters should always dress just a little bit nicer than everyone else who is attending the event.

The Voice projection should be listenable and clearer. Do take time and having friends in assisting you to measure the volume and voice projection rate before it get started. Remember that the presentation is all about the ideas should be listened to, unless you just like a mother yelling and nagging to deaf children.

Do research and understand the things you intend to deliver to people. Do not let yourself look like a fool in front of them. It might shows how bad your preparation is.

Exaggerate the ideas you talk will definitely make the audience irritate and annoy. This absolutely make up the audience concentration move to another subject they think more relevant to talk to.

Do not read the whole text. Do contact your eyes with the audiences.

Bare in mind, tools and props are the things might help you figure out ideas you intend the audience get in yours, agree with the views, and absolutely agree with them. As rapid technological approach in presenting ideas introduced medium that are approachable to use, make it the best, utilize them and YES use the full of it. For example, Microsoft Office Power Point should be attractive, less crowded, and more eye friendly.

They are just views of mine. While I am writing this, I am the big liar pretend that I just did the right thing, build up the ideas to be good a presenter. I will try to end up myself through the ideas in the need to refurbish myself through them.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

We Chose to Outsource

Another way to develop an information system is to outsource (facilities management). Outsourcing is an agreement where an organization contracts for the provision of information system services from other company. Outsourcing vendors target to achieve economies of scales that would allow them to offer the services at a lower cost than the company would provide internally.Companies choose to outsource their system as to cope with rapid technological changes. Outsourcing the development of a system can be attractive when resources such as people, skill or time are not available to develop the system internally. Outsources can do the job faster, better or less expensive than in-house, full-time staff.
There are 3 types of outsourcing contracts namely fixed price contract, value-added contract and short-term contract.

a)  Fixed price contract
An agreement where the company will pays no more than the expected if the outsourcer exceeds the agreed-upon price. The outsourcer will have to absorb the cost.

b)  Value-added contract
It is a contract whereby the outsourcer reaps some percentage of the completed system’s benefits. The vendor is expected to share the wealth once the system is in place.

c)  Short-term contract
This type of agreement help leave room for reassessment if needs change or if the relationship is not working the way both parties expected. The contract is not specific and rigid and therefore allow for alterations. As a result, both parties able to gain benefits and communicate openly.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Ummi

This woman is incredibly great, bold, fantastic, awesome and what not. The salacious sexy Angelina Jolie with her adopted children isn’t she. She isn’t a song bird singer let alone a politician ruling the rules and numerous dirty scandals. She’s beyond them, just beyond .In her own magnificent way. Close to the heart and always be the closest. The guardian angel would be caring, protective, and a guider and yes she just fulfills it. Her love is too real and pure. Behold her since the day born created a special bond from a mother to a child. Yes, this great branded woman is a mother. A mother of ten children. Her sacrifices undeniable. A child whom she carries for nine month before she gave the birth. Dejavu occurred for ten times likely.  Kindness and love shows all the time reflected to the sacrifices she just did in raising nine. Adoring her children heartily and used to carry and cuddle them instead of having her leisure time. Children are the epitome of her affection and devotion, last till eternity. Her love is peerless. As large as meadow the love is. Her pains subside observing the children going through their path of life. Yet the history of this woman‘s life merely devoted by gust of the sluggish vigor at her age. Life is just let it all those memories submerged down away out of minds and sometimes we are recalled to them. Time passed and I grew up. The hugs and kisses were still there. It is physically changed and the inside of herself still remain all the wise never changed. Today I would keen and love to say thank you to Sharifah Mariam Syed Junid even is merely an expression I might say, but believe me it goes a long way. I am dying to show my gratitude as you lift up the passion to live, mend broken hearts, create hilarious bond, and often burn the enthusiasm and make me feel cherished. And this 5th March, I would like to wish Happy 56th Birthday Ummi. May Allah blissfully bless you.