Friday, January 28, 2011

Walking to The End

It's time for everyone packing their things and bung them in the branded bags and it seems the long holidays they desire but merely a week not even fortnight of leisure days of empty of instructive orders from the lecturer accomplishing the tasks assigned. It's  the time of the festive season of the year, where the Chinese celebrate the Chinese New Year according to  lunar year. This year Rabbit's turn to tame all the peoples and effigies of rabbits are hot stuff being sold and this time they gRAB  IT to be at home.
Done with that, it just a beginning path of this semester and people are just like infested with the rumors the prolong of semester break up to three month due to the implementation of the the student intake simultaneously among the public university and finally it comes to the end when the Minister announced it officially. There is no denying over the rumors, i felt that matters affect and ruined up  my six month period  internship things up to held high badly. Alhamdulillah, all those matters fixed at the right crucial time ,priorities focusing on the study continue and take the vital exact place. Challenges face time to time is dealing constructively the subject lectured intellectually  knowing that my machine isn't good enough just like the former school days. I have to criticize myself constructively and blaming myself for the extraordinary and extreme laziness and sluggish effort to act. Difficult people like me always having time with the comfy bad and it's obviously during the long windy and rainy day which the cold gust of the weather lure and seducing me down to the bed and me therefore have to resolve that I would devote my time to magnificent to the pleasurable study until i walk to the end. How bad I wish I could walk to the end and I'm walking to the end.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What i do not like about PBL Session?

I do love to be part of the PBL session and after getting involved in it, there is no such things that I dislike about it.

What i like about this PBL Session?

The case of PBL just like an enabler and driver to me to be a meticulous person in identifying the problems occurred based on the situation. I do love the PBL session as I will be part of it in applying the knowledge gained from the lecture sessions. 

What i do not know about this case/problem?

Instead of having understanding in knowing what had happen in the conversation, there is certain hesitation in answering the question 4 mentioning about the cost justified. Even it had been explained and elaborated; there are still no brilliant ideas to tackle the question.

What i know about this case/problem?

I know that in the conversation the Steering Committee is vital in certain crucial situation in reviewing projects and assigning priorities and it shown in which System Analyst appointed in revamping the information technology  in order to enhance the business process, design and make the business meet the standard  and will be good benchmark for it. Besides, I realize how vital the information technology is for the organization.

PBL Session 1

The PBL session has been done and it requires the know ledges to deal with the questions being asked based on the circumstance of the conversation given.